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Attend Connect

Attend  Connect
Attend Connect allows HSCVF projects to find discussions with those responsible for developing other HSCVF projects, including people involved in similar types of projects across the country. Attend's Connect is available  to enable:

  • General areas of good practice to be promoted
  • A platform to discuss current issues
  • Key issues arising in the forum to feed future ALN workshops.

You can talk to lots of others through open discussions or by messaging people privately. You can also access a range of resources tailored for your course. For example, you will also find the summaries of the discussions from the Action learning Workshops delivered across the country, together with relevant toolkits for each of the topics covered in these workshops.

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Please note user name and passwords are required, if you are a HSCVF project and do not have these details please contact email: [email protected], or alternatively call the helpline on: 0845 172 8058