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HSCVF voted best grant-funding programme in the UK

Reports and Publications

Inspiring Stories 2012

We’re in our second year of celebrating the substantial achievements made by our Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund projects. In June we held our first ‘Celebrating HSCVF Conference’ in Birmingham. Central to the day was an exhibition to celebrate the projects’ hard work. Project posters enabled each funded organisation to highlight the work of their HSCVF project, their volunteers / service users’ unique experiences and showcase their stories. This booklet combines these real-life HSCVF project experiences to create our Inspiring Stories 2012. To view this document please click here

Annual Report 2010 - 2011

Autumn 2011 marks the end of the first year of HSCVF projects being up and running. The HSCVF Annual Report produced in November 2011 celebrates the Fund’s achievements and the programme’s outcomes between September 2010 and 2011. It explores programme delivery, the effectiveness of programme management and the HSCVF support package. It also celebrates the successes of the HSCVF projects and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement. To view this document please click here

Stories of the Year 2011

To celebrate the HSCVF projects achievements in their first year of delivery we produced a ‘Stories of the Year 2011’ booklet. Projects sent in case studies and testimonials from volunteers / staff / support consultants that gave projects the opportunity to ‘speak’ in their own words about how HSCVF funding has helped people tackle real-life challenges and opportunities.To view this document please click here