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This section provides a breakdown on the applications received for the stage 1 National Grant Scheme 2012 such as the theme and Strategic Health Authority Cluster. 

Figure 1 - Applications received by theme

Theme Total
Theme 1: Personalisation and choice of care and support
Projects that build and strengthen people's choice and control over their own care, with the support of volunteers are sought under this theme.
Theme 2: Delivering better health and care outcomes
Projects are sought that improve health and care outcomes through the support of volunteers. Applications that result in measurable reductions in health inequalities and improvements in life expectancy in disadvantaged groups are expected under this theme.
Theme 3: Improving public health
Projects that improve public health through action to reduce inequalities in health, public health and social care through the integration of active volunteering initiatives in localities and communities are sought under this theme.
Theme 4: Improving health and social care
Projects are sought that improve the accessibility and options, particularly through increasing citizen voice and advocacy, for long-term health and care by focusing on prevention, personalisation and partnership.


Figure 2 - Applications received by Strategic Health Authority clusters

Strategic Health Authority Cluster Total
NHS London: to include all Greater and inner London Boroughs. 42
NHS Midlands and East: to include all Local Authorities in the East Midlands, East of England and West Midlands. 36
NHS North of England: to include all Local Authorities in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humberside. 39
NHS South of England: to include all Local Authorities in the South West, South Central and South East Coast. 24

Figure 3 - The below table shows the count of Local Authorities grouped by NHS Cluster.

Region NHS Cluster Count
London NHS London 526
West Midlands NHS Midlands and East 193
South West NHS South of England 188
East of England NHS Midlands and East 183
North West NHS North of England 170
Yorkshire & Humberside NHS North of England 168
South East NHS South of England 154
East Midlands NHS Midlands and East 113
South Central NHS South of England 84
North East NHS North of England 57