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HSCVF voted best grant-funding programme in the UK

The Support Package

The HSCVF is different to other grant funding programmes. The Local Grant Scheme funding offer is both grant monies and an integral support package to build organisation capacity and help long-term sustainability. The HSCVF support package helps organisations to grow, develop and make the most of the HSCVF.

Project support is tailored to their specific needs and that starts in the application process with applications saying how the support package can be of value to their organisation.All projects are offered:

  • An organisation diagnostic – a facilitated session using an Organisation Diagnostic Tool (ODT) that aims to bring about the organisational change through a review of the organisation's performance and identification of potential improvements.
  • Support consultancy - where project managers can discuss various aspects of project delivery depending on their needs. There is no set agenda. Delivery is tailored to each organisation.
  • Action learning networks – 5 workshops (accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management) designed to establish projects as robust / fundable initiatives.
  • Training - on volunteer management that includes volunteer selection, matching volunteers’ needs to roles, supervision, volunteer pathways to employment, dealing with difficult volunteers, retention and recognising volunteers and their contributions.
  • The opportunity to take part in an online forum - a virtual discussion platform.

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