What is available?

  • The fund aims to enhance capacity in the health, public health and social care volunteering field and help organisations grow and develop.  This is why HSCVF provides a combination of grant funding and support to organisations. Funded organisations must want to take up both elements of the Fund:  A package of support activities to build organisational capacity that will assist with longer term sustainability, as well as Financial provision through grant awards.
  • The total grant award (maximum amount is dependent on your yearly income) of up to £50,000 is available for 2 or 3 year projects (subject to annual parliamentary approval).
  • The HSCVF Support Package is delivered by nationally recognised voluntary organisations. This package aims to build organisational capacity that will assist with longer term sustainability. Organisations should be prepared to dedicate 6-10 days to these activities per annum, and should include travel costs to activities within their project budget. Activities include: an organisational diagnostic visit; support consultancy; training in volunteer management; and accredited Action Learning Networks.
  • A HSCVF team is always available to advise and support funded projects. The HSCVF management team assists in day to day queries, financial and monitoring questions and in dissemination of project outcomes. The team has a daily helpline, a website with news and helpful links, and online facilities for transmitting and recording all your project records. A discussion forum is also hosted by the fund.